On the Spirit of a Farm


Project: Augmenting the Spirit of an Indian Farm 
Type: Farmhouse Landscape, Architecture
Location: Badlapur, Maharashtra

Size: ~5000 sq. mts .
Status: in development
year: 2016

An overgrown Indian Farm house. A brief concerned with monetizing this place into a bed and breakfast. A tight budget.

Navigating through the pitfalls of over commercialisation, this projects aims to provide for the requirements of a fledgling leisure industry; and at the same time, protect and augment the spirit of an indian farm.

the design process began with a haiku/essay that explored the sense of being in an overgrown indian farm .

study of place

(see here for full study)

Following a careful reading of the site, we tried to develop the separate places of the site – the overgrown orchard, the farm, the indian courts. Within this landscape, the spaces for leisurely activity.

structure of the layout 

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layout plan 



The formal line of Indian Courts indianc.jpg

extending the axis

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The farmscape

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the overgrown orchard 


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xx final


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