A Community Celebration

Project: Landscape proposal for a Community Open Space
Type: Garden, Party Plot, Residential Open Space
Location: Uttan, Maharashtra

Size: 3750 sq. mts .
Status: in development
year: 2015
Design team : Arjun Sharma, Shaurya Dhedia

In the hinterlands of Mumbai, in a second home residential scheme, we are presented with the interesting challenge of designing a community space with a complex, layered, multi purpose brief. The fluid programme stretches across, land use typologies, usage character, commercial and marketing logistics and land ownership.


In the end we arrive at  a solution which needs to be minutely precise in its spatial arrangement and at the same time, fluid enough to allow for future changes and the variances of finance logistics.

zoning design process  

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the design here is basically a lawned space (as large as possible) sorrounded with lush greenery. the club house balances two open spaces, one  green lawn and the other a paved plaza overlooking a luxury pool. this becomes a baseline. then a series of inserts and mod-cons are added in a tentative manner (logistics permitting) the baseline scheme is not affected by the changes in investment strategy that generally take place over time.

layout and design  

the horticultural strategy has a proportionately large mono-culture of plants planted in a gridded geometric pattern to contrast with the thicket that sorrounds the site, and the existing trees within.