Water Justice ?

Project: Water Justice ?
Type: Research & Logistics Analysis
Location: Matheran, Maharashtra

year: 2016
Study : Arjun Sharma
Marathi translation : Prateek Dhanmer
Copy Advisor : Vedashree Khambete-Sharma

Summary :
This Study on the water situation of Matheran was conducted after a discussion with a citizen of Matheran who was deeply concerned about the cost of water in the village. Upon brief investigation it seems that the cost of water, borne by the villagers amounts to a social injustice.

Tourists to this place form the bulk of the water demand (9 times). Because of this demand a dam has been built at the bottom of the hill and its water is pumped up by electricity. The cost of bringing this water uphill is borne by everyone equally, villagers and the tourism industry alike.

Here, the notion that equality is not justice becomes painfully clear, as the villagers pay a water tax that is greater than commercial water taxes in Mumbai.

As yet, there seems to be no intent to subsidized water prices for the villagers who could have otherwise managed to source the water locally. This Picture Essay hopes to illustrate this disparity of essential resources and hopes to suggest an appropriate direction for solution.



water calculations

Matheran Water Requirement - Sheet1-1




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